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Welcome to the study of money. - Spring 2007


Introduction to Business- Business One


Instructor: Alex Yguado

Phone: 818-364-7624

e-mail yguadoar@


Office Hours Wed & Tue 3:00PM-4:00PM

Text Business, 7th edition, Griffin & Ebert, Pearson-Prentice Hall



You are required to maintain your readings and submit all materials in a timely manner so that by May.17, 2006, we can finish grading and submit your grades to be recorded on your transcripts. Students need three hours per week to read the text and assignments and an additional six hours per week for homework and to submit all required work.


There will be a mid-term and final for this class and your grades will be posted as we progress through the term. I would like all students to keep up as it becomes difficult for all to compress the work and grading at the end of the semester.


Grades will be determined by a combination with the on campus class, and a modified curve will be the source of both classes.


Each reading will be an assignment starting with assignment one and the beginning readings. Hence you will follow the assignments and continue through out the semester. If you fall behind in your readings and assignments you must notify the instructor by e-mail so that you are not excluded from the class. The student must be enrolled in the class to participate and receive a grade. However the student is also responsible for dropping the class if they do not wish to continue.




The materials in this class are general in scope and is the foundation for many of the classes you will take in business, accounting and economics. Hopefully at the completion of the class you will understand the nature of business and its interaction with your world and the world around you.